You can’t get away with fakes in this town

You can't get away with fakes in this town
Welcome to Bogota, where the police 
might have entirely too much free time.

One Sunday afternoon, a woman named Martha Soto-Cortes was selling items in front of her friend’s yard in Bogota, New Jersey.

For some reason, the neighbors weren’t happy about it and called police, who reported on what they called "several quality of life complaints from neighbors in the area of Chestnut Avenue."

An undercover officer bought one of what he estimated were about 400 items she had for sale, and determined that it was a fake version of a name-brand item.

Evidently, Ms. Soto-Cortes was selling counterfeit versions of brands such as Puma, Anne Klein, Reebok, Burberry, Coach and Prada.

She was charged with selling or displaying counterfeit items and theft by deception.

Her friend was also given a summons for obstructing public passage and violating an ordinance against yard sales.

Bogota cops bust a yard sale, New>>

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