Well, at least he didn’t confess to murder

Well, at least he didn't confess to murder
"Of course I used drugs. Who didn’t?"

An Albany New York radio station, ESPN Radio 104.5, interviewed former New York Yankee baseball player Shane Spencer about a current scandal involving steroid use among baseball players. During the interview, Mr. Spencer mentioned that he himself had taken performance-enhancing drugs during his seven-year career, and he said that we would be "extremely naive" if we thought that other players, like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, didn’t take banned drugs.

Derek Jeter heard about the interview and wasn’t too happy.

But he wasn’t as unhappy as the real Shane Spencer. It turns out that the "Shane Spencer" who had given the 22-minute interview was an impostor.

The radio station apologized.

The fake Mr. Spencer remains unknown.

Former Yankee Shane Spencer Victim of Hoax As Impostor Implies Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera Used PEDs (Audio), NESN>>

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