This restaurant on a boat was completely sunk

This restaurant on a boat was completely sunk
It used to be a great place to eat, until…

Online reviews at TripAdvisor said the restaurant was one of the best places to eat in Britain.

The restaurant was run by owners Colette and Alfredo aboard a restored fishing trawler docked at Brixham, Devon in Britain.

The boat might wander a bit with the tides, but it was still deemed an amazing and romantic place.

If you ordered fish, employees might even catch and cook it for you while you waited.

For months the newly-opened restaurant received enthusiastic praise, and Brixham residents reported seeing numerous taxis arriving to the restaurant’s address.

It quickly rose to 29th place out of 64 local restaurants in TripAdvisor’s ranks.

One reviewer said that "trying to book a table can be a nightmare" because the place was so popular.

Another said:

"I am fortunate enough to live in Catalyuna, home to some of the best restaurants in the world. I have dined at both elBulli and El Celler de Can Roca. Is Oscar’s as good? No not quite – but as has been mentioned already, there is an unbelievable quality about it."

That review was accurate in its mention of "unbelievable."

That’s because Oscar’s restaurant did not exist.

An anonymous businessman had created the fake restaurant and reviews after a friend’s hotel received bad reviews he suspected were fakes posted by a rival hotel.

He seems to have successfully pointed out that TripAdvisor’s 100 fraud specialists are not very skillful in rooting out fraud.

Even after posts began pointing out that the place was a complete fake, it took two months for the restaurant’s listing to be removed.

Floating restaurant where divers catch your supper? It all sounds a little fishy, The Telegraph>>

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