They tell girls to put a spoon in their underwear

They tell girls to put a spoon in their underwear
It might prevent a life of misery. 

Karma Nirvana is a British charity with one goal – to stop forced marriages and honor-based violence.

They advise young British women that if they don’t know when they might be taken out of the country by relatives to be forced to marry, they should hide a metal spoon in their underwear. That way, the spoon will set off a metal detector at the airport and the woman will have an opportunity to tell officials that she is being taken out of the country against her will.

Up to 5,000 may be forced into marriage every year in Britain.

Over 30% may be under the age of 16.

Karma Nirvana>>
Women who fear being forced to marry abroad told to hide spoon in underwear. Charity advises women and young girls to set off airport metal detectors to give them more time to seek help from authorities, The Guardian>>

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