The marijuana lollipop scam

The marijuana lollipop scam

"Weed!" shouted the vendors. 

Although recreational marijuana is still illegal in New York City, bright green "Weed World" vans were traveling around during the summer of 2013, selling marijuana lollipops for $5 each (or 5 for $20).

The lollipops had names like Herojuana, Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough.

Police stopped and performed a street-side test of one of the candies and discovered it contained no marijuana.

Two 25-year-old customers felt cheated. Customer Antoine Johnson said:

"I don’t feel nothing. I don’t feel high yet."

His friend Mark Santana agreed:

"I’ve smoked weed, and this isn’t the same. It’s too much money for five lollipops."

Employees gave varying answers about what was really in the candies, but the lollipops may contain hemp oil, which does not make users high. 

Police did arrest three Weed World employees for a misdemeanor charge of selling without a vendor’s license.

The arrested employees probably did not say this, but they should have: 

"Dude, I’m pretending to be too high to really care."

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