The flight of an intentionally wayward arrow

The flight of an intentionally wayward arrow
I shot an Arrow into the air
It fell to earth I do know where…

He did not shoot the arrow at a person.

That was true.

He said he was shooting the arrow at a squirrel.

That was false.

Authorities allege he was shooting the arrow at a jail.

That was true.

At 8:40 in the morning on August 27th in the year 2013, David Wayne Jordan stood outside the Whatcom County Jail in Washington state. He took out a hunting bow, loaded it with an arrow, and then shot toward a mesh screen. The arrow missed its target and landed on the roof.

An employee took down his license plate number and Mr. Jordan was later arrested.

Why was he shooting an arrow at the jail?

Was it because less than a week before he had been in the same jail for assault and resisting arrest?

Or was it because he had attached a small baggie of marijuana to the arrow?

It’s not known who was supposed to retrieve the arrow’s payload.

He was arrested and placed, yet again, in the same jail.

Sheriff: Man shoots arrow wrapped with marijuana at Whatcom County Jail, Whatcom County Jail, The Bellingham Herald>>

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