Evangelist fooled by a photo of a happy family

Evangelist fooled by a photo of a happy family
Yes, they’re a happy modern family, 
but they’re a bit too modern for one author.

A man named Doug Sehorne wrote an e-book called "Bible Principles of Child Discipline (from the Book of Proverbs)". To illustrate the front cover, he snagged an image of a happy family from the web. Unfortunately, the image was of the happy Dunphy family from the TV show "Modern Family". The Dunphy mom in the photo has a brother who also has a family, but that family consists of two gay men who’ve adopted a little girl.

This is not the type of family acceptable to Mr. Sehorne, who said that he hasn’t owned a TV in 35 years, has never heard of the TV show, and assumed that the image he obtained from a Google search was not copyrighted.

He said he "would never condone such wickedness as sodomy or even TV."

He removed the book from sale until he changes the cover.

Evangelist Doug Sehorne Uses ‘Modern Family’ Photo On Cover Of Fundamentalist Ebook; Hilarity Ensues, Huffington Post>>

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