A coffeeshop robbery almost breaks bad

A coffeeshop robbery almost breaks bad
The guns were displayed on TV.

At about 7:20 in the morning, a woman walked up to the Classic Coffee shop in Glendora, California, and saw a man inside who was wearing a bandanna and a hooded sweatshirt and holding a gun. She ran back to her car and called police.

All eight officers on duty at the police department arrived and burst into the shop. An officer yelled:

"Drop the gun! Drop it, drop it, drop it!"

One man, who was holding a AR-15 assault rifle, dropped his gun immediately. The other man, who was holding a handgun, seemed stunned and did not drop his weapon. An officer who had his gun pointed at him took his finger off his weapon’s trigger guard and was ready to shoot.

 Another officer reached out and stripped the gun out of his hand.

"Get on the ground right now!"

And then an officer sees the camera.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Shooting a… shooting a film."

"You’re shooting a short film?"


"In a store with a man with a gun?"


The guns were Airsoft guns painted to look realistic, and the robbers were a group of college students who had permission from the coffee shop owner to make their film, but had neglected to post any signs or let the police know what they were doing.

The coffee shop has surveillance video of the incident, but has not released it.

It’s also unknown whether the highly realistic scene was also filmed by the students.

Glendora police nearly open fire on amateur crew filming fake robbery, Los Angeles Times>>

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