When it’s better to assume a gun is real

When it's better to assume a gun is real
Obviously fake, and yet…

One night, a couple of 22-year-old employees in a convenience store in Wallsend, England were surprised when a masked man came in waving a gun. At first they thought he was a drunk guy playing a prank, but they soon realized he wasn’t kidding. They gave him £300 (about $450) and he ran away.

Police think the gun was fake, but as one employee said:

"When I first saw him I just thought it was a customer having a joke. But then he started shouting and swearing and I saw the gun. I panicked and I just gave him the money. I didn’t think the gun was real but I didn’t know. It’s not worth taking a bullet for £300."

Wallsend shop staff thought masked gun raid was a prank, Chronicle Live>>

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