This criminal needed to be more deceptive

This criminal needed to be more deceptive
Criminals: it’s a good idea to have 
one of these on your car.

It started as a routine traffic stop.

A police officer in Roseville, California stopped a vehicle because it did not have license plates. The officer also discovered the vehicle did not have current registration.

But it did contain burglary tools.

The man and woman were arrested and released.

Police then realized that the man had given them a fake name. His real name was Bobby Louis Jones-Hanley, and he was wanted on another charge in another town.

Mr. Jones-Hanley was arrested again.

When police searched his home, they discovered $350,000, which might be suspicious, but not in itself illegal. However, they also found paper and printers and other items which led them to conclude that the $350,000 was illegal because it was counterfeit.

Later, he told police that he’d made $500,000 worth of fake money, and already sold $150,000 of it.

Mr. Jones-Hanley was arrested.

This time he was not released.

Officers Seize $350,000 in Counterfeit Cash, Fox40>>

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