The used lottery ticket prank

The used lottery ticket prank
They make an interesting car cover. 

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Jim Price and Pedro Castaneda have been friends for over a decade. For a few years, they’ve been pulling lottery ticket pranks on each other. Mr. Price would stick a few used scratch lottery tickets in the back bumper of his friend’s car, and then, in response, Mr. Castaneda would attach tickets to the side of his friend’s vehicle. 

After Mr. Castaneda strung a line of tickets across the tailgate of Mr. Price’s pickup, Mr. Price figured it was time to up the ante. He collected 1,200 used tickets from friends and from trash cans where lottery tickets are sold. Thirty hours later, he completed his masterpiece, the lottery ticket car cover, shown above.

Mr. Price said that Mr. Castaneda hasn’t yet figured out how to retaliate.

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