The nude swimmer scam

The nude swimmer scam
"Do you mind?"

It was 3:00 p.m. on a hot afternoon in Crossville, Tennessee.

A couple approached the home of a man. We’ll call the man Mark, since his name was not mentioned in the news report that I read.

The woman asked the man she was with if he could go back to get her cigarettes. The man left.

Then she asked Mark about his pool: Was it all right if she could take a swim?

Mark said sure, and he brought her around to the back of his house, to the pool.

The woman then asked him: Was it all right if she could take a swim naked?

Mark said well, all right, it was fine with him.

The woman then stripped off all her clothes and jumped into the pool, where she proceeded to swim around naked.

Mark didn’t say what they chatted about or what they did while she was swimming around naked in his pool, but he did say she was there for about twenty minutes.

Then Mark got her a towel. The woman got out of the pool, dried off, got dressed and left.

When Mark went back inside his home, he discovered he was missing a few things: some medication, jewelry, and a handgun. Together the items were worth about $1,200.

It’s very possible he was robbed by the man while the woman swam.

The couple were not careful about hiding their identities. Mark said they lived in his neighborhood. Police soon discovered who they were.

Two days after the incident, police still hadn’t been able to talk to the couple.

Nude swimmer distracts home burglary victim, Crossville Chronicle>>

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