The guy said it was “just a joke”

The guy said it was "just a joke"
One man showed up at her door wearing a raincoat.

In Racine, Wisconsin, a woman called police when a man in a raincoat showed up at her house and kept ringing her doorbell. He was naked except for his raincoat.

The raincoat man told police he was responding to her Craiglist ad.

The woman told police that three people had shown up at her door. They were all looking for sex, and she wasn’t.

Police investigated and discovered six fake ads on Craigslist in the woman’s name.

Police got a subpoena, traced the IP address and found Jason T. Willis, a 30-year-old guy in her neighborhood. Mr. Willis is the one who said it was "just a joke".

News reports don’t say why Mr. Willis pulled the joke on her.

Police did not think it was just a joke, and Mr. Willis was charged with felony identity theft.

Craigslist ‘joke’ could mean prison time for area man, The Journal Times>>

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