Saul Alvarez said he was playing a prank

Saul Alvarez said he was playing a prank
It was a Friday night on June 28th in 
New York City, and a woman was jogging.

At about 10:45 at night, twenty-one-year-old Saul Alvarez saw a woman who was jogging near 106th Street in New York’s Central Park. He jogged behind her for a few minutes and waited until someone passed by on a bike. Then he grabbed the jogger’s arm and wrestled her to the ground and cupped her hand around her mouth so she couldn’t scream.

The woman did scream and she broke free and Mr. Alvarez fled. A passerby heard the screams and called 911 and stayed with her until police arrived and she gave them Mr. Alvarez’s description.

He was captured soon afterwards.

When Mr. Alvarez talked to police, he said it was all a prank. He explained:

Her eyes made me think that she had a good sense of humor and she would be a good person to play the prank on.

When I first took her down, I said ‘prank.’

I’ve never done this prank in my life. This is the first time ever.

My prank was supposed to be to scare her by grabbing her from behind and taking her down to the ground.

Later he admitted he had played the prank once before, with good results:

The only other time that I ever played this prank was on my wife a few years ago and that’s how we met.

He said some of his other favorite pranks were to replace people’s coffee with water and to switch out skateboard wheels with marshmallows.

His prank was interpreted slightly differently by police, and Mr. Alvarez was charged with first-degree attempted rape.

The suspect told authorities "her eyes" made him think she’d get the joke, NBC New York>>

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