Pet flipping is not always about acrobatics

Pet flipping is not always about acrobatics
There’s good pet flipping and bad pet flipping.

House flipping is when a buyer purchases a house with the intent to quickly sell it to make a profit.

Pet flipping is when someone deceptively steals a pet and sells it to make a profit.

There are two major scams that "pet flippers" use to acquire their pets.

The simplest scam is to steal a pet and then act as if it’s their own pet and sell it to unsuspecting buyers.

The other method is more devious. Someone will respond to an ad about a missing pet, claim it as their own missing pet ("Oh, you found my little Snowie, thank you!") and then sell it.

The thieves usually target purebred pets because they will bring in more money. Thieves also like to target pets who haven’t been spayed or neutered, because those animals can be sold to breeders.

How can you protect your pet? Implant a microchip to identify your animal, and make sure your animal can’t breed.

‘Pet Flipping’ Is Now a Thing, Time Magazine>>

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