I know, we can steal from a pedophile…

I know, we can steal from a pedophile...
Sometimes, love makes you do strange things.

Have you ever sat around with friends and thought up strange criminal ideas and pondered about how you would pull off a crime? In your head it all makes sense. Yet how many times have you actually gone through with any of your imagined criminal enterprises?

A young couple in Loveland, Colorado came up with their own cunning plan, and then went beyond the talking stage.

Sareena Morrison, age 18, and Dustin Canup, age 20, decided they would pretend to be criminals so they could scam a criminal. You see, Mr. Canup had just lost his job, and they were short on cash.

So Ms. Morisson wrote a message on a pornographic website that said she was age 15 and looking for someone to pay her for sex.

Who better to scam then a pedophile?

She began having conversations and exchanging text messages with a man. He said he wanted to pay her to go to a motel and have sex with him and his 6-year-old daughter.

Ms. Morrison said she would bring her male friend (played by Mr. Canup) so he could also have sex with the child.

The plan was for Ms. Morrison and Mr. Canup to meet up with this pedophile and rob him of his money.

They were also planning to steal his daughter and raise her as their own. They thought the man would have to comply since they would threaten him with calling the police if he didn’t do what they said.

Mr. Canup had a 12-inch knife and a pair of handcuffs as backup persuaders.

When the couple arrived at the HiWay Motel to meet the man, they were arrested by undercover police officers.

Someone had tipped off authorities that a 15-year-old was soliciting sex online, and all the conversations with the pedophile were actually with the police.

Said police about the attempted theft from the supposed pedophile: "If you commit criminal acts on criminals, it’s still a crime."

Ms. Morrison pleaded guilty to attempted extortion. She was sentenced to probation, public service and mental health treatment.

Mr. Canup pleaded guilty to the same charge.

Ms. Morrison was also ordered to have no more contact with Mr. Canup.

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– Woman involved in pedophile-robbing scheme in Loveland sentenced, Loveland Reporter Herald>>

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