How James Clegg helps you pretend to be popular

How James Clegg helps you pretend to be popular
Because everyone wants to be popular

An article at PC Magazine explains how James Clegg makes a profit selling fake followers on social networks like Twitter:

Clegg’s business is simple: You visit one of his 13 websites that sell fake followers, and punch in how many you want to buy. Today, the going rate for 1000 Twitter followers is about $11.

But why do people want to have fake followers?

"There is no one single type of buyer," says Clegg. "I have had minor celebrities, big corporations, comedians, people buying for their friends for a practical joke, and many more. I’d say the majority are companies looking to get themselves from 20 followers to 1000 followersand they start their real social media marketing from there."

Mr. Clegg focuses on making his fake followers look unique, since social networking sites will delete followers who are obviously fake.

But what about morals? Does Mr. Clegg worry that he’s fooling people?

Clegg says he has some qualms about the ethics of the business, saying that he thinks it’s the wrong way to build social presence, and that, ironically, he doesn’t set up fake followers for his own social campaigns. (The real Clegg has fewer than 100 followers on Twitter.)

Explaining his position, he says, "On a personal level I find it difficult to justify, but it goes a little something like this: If I were selling a product that nobody wanted, then I wouldn’t make any money, so I pass the moral-judgment decision to the consumer. Additionally, I always offer a money-back guarantee and advice on how to remove the followers. It’s the easiest way to clear the conscience."

Read the whole article: Gaming Twitter: How one man turns fake followers into windfall profits, PC World>>

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