Fart spray prank sends 6 Bible campers to hospital

Fart spray prank sends 6 Bible campers to hospital
Yes, it’s a real product, 
and yes, it’s called Liquid Ass.

I don’t usually quote complete news stories and their headlines, but this one from the New York Daily News was too perfect:

Fart spray prank sends 6 Bible campers to hospital

A young camper at Camp Wo-Me-To used Liquid Ass for a fart prank that sent six fellow campers to the hospital.

Fart spray caused quite a stink at a Maryland Bible camp after a prankster ended up hospitalizing six of his friends.

Cops say a young camper unleashed Liquid Ass into the air conditioning units of two cabins at Camp Wo-Me-To, in Jarrettsville, on Tuesday.

The putrid concoction which smells like human feces was mixed with rodent repellent that contained rancid meat and eggs.

But the practical joke backfired and more than a dozen campers started suffering breathing and other respiratory problems.

One 16-year-old boy and five other students were rushed to hospital, reports the Fallston Patch. They were released several hours later.

Other children had to be hosed down as local hazmat teams were drafted in to ventilate the cabins until the fumes dissipated.

Firefighters are now investigating the incident.

Fart spray prank sends six Bible campers to hospital, New York Daily News>>

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