Deception, a cell phone, and rape

Deception, a cell phone, and rape
A story from the UK.

Matthew Stacey was not always a nice guy.

When he began his relationship with Vittoria Di Franco, he told her he was single. That was not true. Although he was estranged from her, he was still married to his wife, Faith.

After Ms. Di Franco discovered this lie, she still continued to see him, even though he was controlling and many times hostile and drunk.

And then there was the incident with the cell phone.

The couple argued. He was angry at her for holding his mobile phone, and, after they fell on the bed and his phone fell underneath her, Mr. Stacey raped Ms. Di Franco.

His phone, however, had accidentally dialed someone. That person heard the attack and listened to Ms. Di Franco shouting at him repeatedly to stop.

The person on the phone testified against him at trial, where he was sentenced to six years in jail.

The person on the phone was his estranged wife, Faith.

Ipswich: Estranged wife of rapist heard sexual attack on girlfriend, Ipswich Star>>

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