Chipotle’s hacked Twitter account was a hoax

Chipotle's hacked Twitter account was a hoax
"Burritos so big you’ll fart for days."

You just can’t trust big companies these days:

"Sorry all. We had a little problem with our account. But everything is back on track now!"

That’s the Twitter message sent from Chipotle Mexican Grill after their Twitter account seemed to have been hacked after a series of odd tweets.

But it was really a publicity stunt to publicize their online scavenger hunt. The tweets contained clues to solve one of the puzzles.

Since the company gained 4,000 new Twitter followers, they considered the fake tweets a success.

When I searched online, I found the ad shown above, and at first I thought it had to be a fake, but now, who knows?

Chipotle stages bogus Twitter hack for promotional campaign, CNET>>

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