An employee learns how to steal jewelry

An employee learns how to steal jewelry
"This one looks nice… is it under $10,000?"
(Ring in platinum with a pear-shaped 
tanzanite and a double row of 
round brilliant diamonds, $8,500)

As a vice president of product development at Tiffany & Company, Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun was allowed to remove jewelry from the company for various reasons, such as bringing it to manufacturers so they could determine how much it would cost to make the jewelry.

After she left her job, Tiffany noticed that 165 pieces of jewelry were unaccounted for.

When questioned, Ms. Lederhaas-Okun said the jewelry was either lost or damaged or in her office… but that’s not quite what happened.

She had taken the jewelry and never returned it, then sold it to a jewelry dealer, telling the dealer that the jewelry was hers.

Ms. Lederhaas-Okun only worked for Tiffany for a little more than two years, but she obviously learned a valuable lesson in her time there.

Tiffany has a policy of taking a daily inventory of any checked-out jewelry worth more than $25,000.

She only checked out jewelry that was valued under $10,000.

All together, in about four months time, she stole the jewelry and then sold it for $1.3 million.

– Darien Woman Charged In $1.3 Million Jewelry Theft From Tiffany, Norwalk Daily Voice>>
– Ex-Tiffany exec charged in $1.3M jewel theft, NBC News>>

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