Why you should never talk to the FBI

Why you should never talk to the FBI
How the FBI warps your words

Paranoia… or prudence?

Attorney Harvey Silverglate explains the interview technique used by the FBI to manipulate what you say and turn your own words against you.

Mr. Silverglate says that the FBI will interview you with two agents present – one to conduct the interview and one to take notes. Later, the notes are typed up on FBI Form 302 and become the official record of what you’ve said. Later, if you deviate from your statement, they have leverage against you and can charge you with making false statements.

He said it’s the FBI policy not to conduct interviews when they are recorded.

His advice, which is in all capital letters at the end of his video, is:

Do not talk to the FBI without your lawyer present.

Here’s Mr. Silverglate to explain:

Protect Yourself from FBI Manipulation

Making false statements, Wikipedia>>

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