Why we are all hermaphrodites

Why we are all hermaphrodites
Why statistics can be deceptive 
and turn us all into "Albert-Alberta."

From a thread on Reddit called "What’s the most intellectual joke you know?"

"A recent finding by statisticians shows the average human has one breast and one testicle."

Yes, it’s a statistics joke.

The image above is an advertisement for "Albert-Alberta", a "Half-and-Half" who was exhibited in sideshows as an actual hermaphrodite. While in some cases the half-man, half-woman might have had actual physical differences from an exclusively male or female person, in almost all cases the "hermaphrodite" was a deception – half of the body would be made up, altered and dressed to look female, and the other half male.

In humans, a true hermaphrodite, or an individual possessing both testicles and ovaries, is rare. And of course no one naturally has one half of their body male and one half female.

Today, most people in the medical community use more accurate and sensitive terms to describe these sexually ambiguous conditions, and call such people "intersex". They are considered as having disorders of sex development.

I know of no statistics that give us the prevalence of intersex among statisticians.

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