The neighbors started screaming when they saw it

The neighbors started screaming when they saw it
They saw it lying on the ground.

When neighbors in Nottingham England saw a severed hand and finger lying on a walkway, they called police.

Police discovered the hand belonged to Patrick Plummer, a man who lived nearby.

He needed neither ambulance nor arrest.

Mr. Plummer makes props for theater groups, and he’d made the fake latex hand to scare his 15-year-old niece for her birthday party.

Unfortunately, the party-goers left the prop outside when they went inside to eat some birthday cake.

Said a Nottinghamshire Police spokeswoman:

"When officers arrived at the scene, a man, who was understandably red-faced, told us he was responsible for the practical joke.

"Instead of pointing the finger, we advised him about his actions. He promptly removed the hand and finger and apologised profusely."

The moral of the story: When your prank is done, always make sure your severed hand and finger are safely stowed away.

Fake severed hand party prank sparks police alert, Daily Mirror>>

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