The man who hoaxes reality TV shows

The man who hoaxes reality TV shows
Zozo, the creepy Gypsy clown

Do reality shows seem fake to you?
Ken Tarr knows that parts of them are definitely fake: he scams the shows by pretending to be whatever outrageous person he thinks they need. Here’s how he pulled a hoax on the Judge Joe Brown show:

He made up a story that he was a Gypsy clown named Zozo who showed up two hours late and drunk to a kid’s birthday partythen trashed the bathroom, causing $15,000 in damages.

Tarr pulled fake pictures of a damaged bathroom off the Internet and produced a bogus bill for "pigeon wrangling, snake charming, and an operetta" to back up his claims. J.B., an extra he met on the set of the TNT cop drama Rizzoli and Isles, played the aggrieved parent. They agreed to split their take no matter who won.

J.B. claimed that Tarr’s clown outfit consisted of a fedora and a Greek tragedy mask much too scary for a kid’s party. Nor was the clown in any state to entertain. "He’s covered in water, he had vomit on his shirt, the toilet was overflowing, there was a vodka bottle in the toilet," J.B. told the judge. "He says ‘I’m sorry, I’m stoned.’"
arr attempted to excuse away his tardiness. "I am color-blind and it was an ethnically diverse area," he told Brown. "So I started entertaining the wrong group of people. . . . Not every star can shine every night."

The audience seemed confused about whether to laugh or nod sympathetically.

As the judge listed the damages, Tarr donned his scary clown outfit. "Take that thing off!" Brown barked, before ruling in J.B.’s favor and awarding him the show’s maximum, $5,000.

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