The actresses at the audition – a prank

The actresses at the audition - a prank
It was blackface and Hitler and meant to be offensive.

Katie Zouck showed up for an audition for a film in Los Angeles. From the Los Angeles Times:

"I’m here and my job as an actor is to take what I’m given, make it real for myself and justify the words, no matter how crazy I may judge them to be," the actress reasoned.

But she became increasingly suspicious as the audition process proceeded.

Production assistants came and went wearing headsets as if they were on a real film set. Actresses comparing notes found they had been called for different parts. Some were told they would be auditioning for a dramatic lead, others for a comedy. All had been given "sides," the lines they would be asked to speak in the audition.

Some were asked if they felt comfortable being pranked, others if they were comfortable pranking others.

After two hours, her concern rising, Zouck decided she had had enough. She asked several production assistants whether the women auditioning were being filmed, and if so for what film and what director. No one would answer her questions.

She persisted, though, and finally got an explanation from Elle Viane Sonnet, an associate producer on the project: Every actress on the set was being pranked. The two "casting directors," it was later revealed, were the movie’s two male leads actors Whitmer Thomas and Drew Tarver.

About 30 actresses had shown up for a casting call and were given lines to read and actions that included performing in blackface, wearing Hitler mustaches and shouting Nazi slogans. But it wasn’t an actual audition for a part, it was a portion of the film being filmed for a real movie called "May The Best Man Win", about two men pulling outrageous jokes.

Said Ms. Zouck:

"Every day as unknown working actors, we go to these cattle calls, and take time off work, but that’s not what is upsetting," she said. "What is upsetting is that we did all that and it turned out they were making fun of us. I felt like an idiot actress. I felt violated."

Casting call turns out to be a prank. Los Angeles Times>>
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