Harry Blackstone, World’s Master Magician

Harry Blackstone, World's Master Magician
A Blackstone souvenir program

Harry Blackstone was a famous stage magician in the middle part of the 20th Century. I think if you watch him perform, you might be able to figure out why.

Harry Blackstone’s philosophy on magical deception: 

"Magic overcomes frustration. It doesn’t need to be sleight of hand.
It’s nothing but pure psychology applied in the right place."

One of his illusions, also known as the "Afghan Bands", is a topological magic trick based on the Mobius strip, a one-sided surface discovered by mathemeticians in 1858. It’s what magicians call a "self-working" trick, which means that the magical part of the trick is so simple that pretty much anyone can do it. What makes it magical, however, is how it’s presented. Blackstone called it "Santa’s Necktie."

Harry Blackstone Sr. "Santa’s Necktie"

During much of Blackstone’s show he was silent while he performed larger illusions. Here’s an example.

Harry Blackstone Magic Illusion

Blackstone’s "Bunny Trick" showcases his masterful interaction with a young audience volunteer.

Harry Blackstone Sr. "Bunny Trick"

Here, Blackstone performs three illusions on the CBS TV show "It’s Magic!" in 1956: "The Drum That Can’t Be Beat", "The Dancing Handkerchief" and "The Buzz Saw Illusion."

Harry Blackstone Sr. – It’s Magic! 1956

Harry Blackstone Senior’s son, Harry Blackstone Junior, was also a magician. Both men have passed away.

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