Gun prank leads to multiple deaths

Gun prank leads to multiple deaths
Andrew Lobban did not have 
a good sense of humor.

Andrew Lobban worked as a bouncer, and he and three other bouncers were friends who had gone out to shoot guns at a local shooting range.

The other three decided to pull a prank on him. They fixed his gun so it wouldn’t fire and filmed him, then made fun of him afterwards.

The pranksters were Jerry Bynes, Jr., Josue Santiago and Benjamin Howard.

Later, Mr. Lobban told a friend he was sorry for what he had to do.

Just before one o’clock in the morning, outside an Ocala, Florida bar, Mr. Lobban pulled out a handgun and shot each man in the back of the head at point blank range, killing all three.

Police reported that Mr. Lobban had felt "ill will towards the three" since the prank.

He was held on three counts of premeditated first degree murder.

Ocala man denied bail after allegedly killing co-workers over prank, WFTV>>

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