An angel kills a man who has devil eyes

An angel kills a man who has devil eyes
Dr. Hutchison and Mr. Sommers.

It’s the case where two diseases met, with fatal results.

Eighteen-year old Tim Sommers, seriously ill with paranoid schizophrenia, was running from the police and arrived in Britain after having killed a woman he met in a psychiatric hospital in Germany.

Dr. Douglas Hutchison was a 60-year old former chemist in the U.K. who had lost his sight in 2002 due to meningitis and shingles. His eyelashes would became ingrown and every month he had to have them plucked out, which led to his eyes being inflamed and red.

While Mr. Sommers was hiding in London, he smoked some marijuana and had a psychotic episode that was religious in nature. He imagined that he was an angel.

When he saw Dr. Hutchison’s red eyes, he knew they were the eyes of the devil, so Mr. Sommers secretly followed him home.

When they arrived at his front door, he punched the blind man in the face so hard that he broke his own hand. Then he stomped on his head, over and over again.

Mr. Sommers tried a deception to escape. He stole an empty baby stroller from a nursery and was pushing it down the steet when he was stopped by police. He was wiping his hands underneath a baby blanket. When he withdrew them, police saw they were covered in Dr. Hutchison’s blood.

Police said they knew it was him because "His eyes were vacant and crazy."

Dr. Hutchison died of his injuries, and Mr. Sommers pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Family of art writer fear red eyes triggered teenage attacker’s ‘devil’ delusion, Camden News>>

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