A simple elevator prank involving superpowers

A simple elevator prank involving superpowers
Yes, a Dalek would be another 
reason to take the stairs.

Usually, there are two things a good prank needs – proper preparation and proper execution. In this prank, the idea is simple and brilliant, so the pranksters could skimp on the preparation.  Brilliant. My congrats to JesterLads.

Star Wars Elevator Prank

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One thought on “A simple elevator prank involving superpowers

  1. I probably shouldn’t be revealing this, but it seems like the appropriate place to make a confession.

    When I was in college, I lived on the 3rd floor of a 7-story dormitory that had but a single elevator.

    The residents of the 6th and 7th floors would often razz the 3rd floor residents for riding the elevator and being too lazy to walk up 2 flights of stairs, so we felt justified in inflicting this prank on them.

    Having traveled up from the ground floor and disembarked on the 3rd floor, we would allow the doors to close so that our fellow passengers might continue their upward journey. But before they could reach their floor we would pull the smoke detector out of its socket in the ceiling.

    Removing the smoke detector did not trigger an alarm, but it did over-ride the elevator controls — sending the elevator back to the ground floor.

    We’d replace the smoke detector to restore the elevator to normal functions, and then we’d push the "up" button to hail the elevator to the 3rd floor — just to taunt the puzzled passengers as they began another journey up.

    Naturally, we would repeat the process over and over as it grew increasingly funny (for us) to see the passengers becoming more perplexed and exasperated with each failed attempt to reach their floor.

    Fun times.

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