A museum’s Egyptian statue mystery

A museum's Egyptian statue mystery
He’s a sneaky 10-inch-tall guy named Neb-Senu.

This 3,800-year-old statue from a mummy’s tomb, which sits in a locked display cabinet at the Manchester Museum in the UK, has been acting strange.

Museum curators keep finding him facing the wrong way, so they set up a time-lapse camera and were astonished to see him visibly and slowly spinning around.

Is the explanation supernatural (a mummy’s curse), scientific, (vibrations cause the spin) pranksterism ("wouldn’t it be funny if…"), or a publicity stunt ("we need more museum-goers")?

Can you solve the mystery?

Manchester Museum suggests you stop by and take a closer look.

Spinning Statuette in Manchester Museum

The mystery of the spinning Egyptian statue, The History Blog>>

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