A call from my credit card company

A call from my credit card company
They only call to sell you something, right?

But no, that’s not the only reason you might get a call.

Hello. Are you Robert Brown?

Yes. that’s me.

This is Mark Hanson calling from MasterCard’s security fraud division.


Do you have a MasterCard with the number: 5304-9892-7929-1807?

Wait, I have to get the card out. Hold on. Can you repeat the number?

It’s MasterCard number 5304-9892-7929-1807. Expires 2/14. Issued by Flatirons Bank in Boulder.

Yes, that’s my card.

Mr. Brown, we’ve noticed some unusual purchase activity on your MasterCard. Have you been traveling out of Colorado in the last week?

No, I haven’t.

Have you recently purchased $549.45 in ammunition?


Have you recently purchased $468.58 worth of baby formula?

No, not that I know of.

We’ve been monitoring certain companies for some time, and these specific purchases from certain companies have triggered our fraud pattern detection.

Your card was improperly charged for these two purchases. The money improperly charged to your MasterCard will be refunded to you before your next billing cycle. When you look on your next statement, you will see two charges:

$549.45 in ammunition purchased at a WalMart in Aberdeen, Idaho.

$468.58 worth of baby formula purchased at a Sam’s Club in Eugene, Oregon.

If you see these purchases on your statement and there has been no refund issued to you before your next billing cycle, please call us.

You can reach us by calling the number on the back of your credit card. You can also go to our website at www.mastercard.us to visit our Fraud & Security page. You will find our email address and online submission forms.


Mr. Brown, let me give you the control number for this security transaction. Can you write it down?

Hold on. Ready.

The control number is 56-6881.

56-6881. Okay. 

Use that number to refer to this security call.


If you have any questions, Mr. Brown, please do not hesitate to call or contact us via phone or email.

To verify that you possess the card, please read the three-digit security code on the back of your card. There is a four-digit printed number, and then a three-digit number just to the right of the four-digit number. We need your three-digit number.

Okay, wait. The three digit number. Hold on. Is it supposed to be a number?

Yes, it is a three digit number. There is a four-digit number, and then a three digit number. We just need your three-digit number.

Well, that’s strange. I don’t see any numbers. I just see letters.

They should be numbers.

No, no numbers at all. Just letters. Should I just read you the letters?

The numbers are located on the back of the card. They are to the right of the place for your authorized signature.

No, that’s strange. They’re definitely numbers. I can read them to you if you’d like.


Yes, letters only. Let me read them to you:


The call was a scam. Do not give your three-digit security code to anyone who says they’re from your credit card company. Scammers might be able to steal the information from the front of your card, so they already know it when they call you. What they’re fishing for is the security code on the back.

Your credit card company already knows the security code on your credit card. That’s why they’ll never ask you for it.

Also, most authorities suggest merely hanging up if they ask for this information.

(And before anyone asks, no I did not use my real credit card number. I got my fake yet valid credit card number from here: GetCreditCardNumbers>>)

– Boulder DA warning residents of new scam to obtain credit card security codes, Boulder Daily Camera>>
– Security Guard, Snopes>>

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  1. I got a call like that too, and I asked them for a number I could call them back at, and they said on the back of your card. I hung up and called the number and of course there was no problem with my card. I reported it to the police and the credit card company.

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