The Palestinian prison sperm deception

The Palestinian prison sperm deception
Sperms for Palestine

Palestinian women whose husbands are imprisoned for security violations in Israel are not allowed conjugal visits with their jailed husbands.

Yet some Palestinian woman claim they’ve gotten pregnant and are having their husband’s children.

How is that possible?

They’ve figured out a way to smuggle their husband’s sperm out of jail and are getting artificially inseminated.

One wife said she used this method because she’ll be too old to have children when her husband is eventually released from jail. She also said it’s an act that challenges the Israeli authorities and boosts her husband’s morale.

Doctors at the Razan Medical Center in Ramallah say that as of May 2013, 11 women had gotten pregnant using this method.

No precise details were given about how the sperm was smuggled out, although one woman said it involved a plastic bag.

Israeli prison authorities said that smuggling sperm out of prison is a crime.

Palestinian Used Imprisoned Husband’s Sperm To Get Pregnant, NPR>>

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