The discovery of a missing Vietnam war veteran

The discovery of a missing Vietnam war veteran
Prisoner of War, Missing in Action
You are not forgotten

This is the story of the movie Unclaimed:

"While working in Southeast Asia, a war torn veteran of the Vietnam War discovers a mysterious man claiming to be an American MIA and so begins his struggle to prove the lost soldier’s identity and reunite him with his family."

The mysterious man, 76-year-old Sergeant John Hartley Robertson, said he was a U.S. soldier who disappeared in Laos in 1968 when his helicopter crashed. He was caught and imprisoned for four years but escaped, and rather than return to his American family, he married a woman in Vietnam and took the name of her dead husband, Dang Tan Ngoc.

His memory is shot, he’s forgotten how to speak English, and he can’t remember the names of his American children or the date of his own birth.

This is not a new story.

And it’s not a true story, either.

The man’s name really is Dang Tan Ngoc, and he’s been telling this story for 20 years, hoping to get benefits from the U. S. military.

As of May 2013, the film had not been released.

– "Missing Soldier" Found Living in Vietnam Is Just a Vietnamese Con Man, Gawker>>
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The movie is called Unclaimed>>

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