The difference between pot and tomatoes

The difference between pot and tomatoes

This is a tomato plant.

The difference between pot and tomatoes
This is a pot plant.

Maybe he’s lived in the city all his life and never really taken notice of actual living plants.

A New York city police lieutenant and two officers were called by building superintendent Christian Delarosa, who said he had discovered marijuana plants growing on a roof:

"I don’t know much about plants. I’m not too good with that. When I saw them, the first thing I thought was ‘Oh, my God.’ Right there I looked it up on my phone and they looked close to marijuana plants, but I thought I should call someone who knew about plants, so I called police."

At first, police couldn’t tell them apart, either. You would think that since both tomatoes and marijuana plants have distinctive odors, it would’ve been easy to just follow your nose.

The plants were soon identified as tomatoes.

The owner of the plants has not been identified.

The super said that people shouldn’t have been out on the roof anyway, so now he’s going to make sure he locks the door.

The difference between pot and tomatoes
Two police officers, one lieutenant, a bucket 
of potting soil and 15 cups filled with tomato plants

Marijuana mix-up: Brooklyn building superintendent, cops at first mistake tomato plants for pot, Daily News>>

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  1. Just think if they combined them we could have "pot-atoes" Slogan: "Safer than tomacco!"

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