Milton’s Walmart fraud

Milton's Walmart fraud
Sorry, wrong Milton.
(Milton from the movie Office Space)

Milton's Walmart fraud
Robert Milton from South Carolina

Robert Michael Milton had a good thing going. The former computer business owner figured out a way to scam Walmart stores with fake returns.

In three years, he may have stolen over $600,000.

He was caught when an employee at a storage company looked inside Mr. Milton’s open storage locker and called police.

Inside were thousands of counterfeit DVD sets and counterfeit copies of Microsoft software, over 70 driver’s licenses, printers for printing receipts and about 2,000 pre-paid gift cards.

There was also an atlas listing every Walmart store in the U.S. The locations in North and South Carolina and Georgia were covered in handwritten notes.

Coincidentally, those were the stores that were hit.

Mr. Milton bought counterfeit versions of products such as DVD sets or Microsoft software, possibly from China, but he didn’t try to sell them directly.

Instead, he went to Walmart and paid real cash to buy $100 American Express gift cards and received legitimate receipts.

He used information on those real receipts to print his own counterfeit receipts. He changed the information on his receipts so that instead of saying "gift card", the receipts now had the name of a specific product.

Then he would return a counterfeit version of that product.

Mr. Milton, charged with wire fraud, trafficking in counterfeit goods and conspiracy to traffic, faces 40 years in prison.

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