It was fraud… plus a little something else

It was fraud... plus a little something else
It comes in many varieties.

It seems to be a somewhat common fraudulent scheme (at least, when I troll through the world of deception) for an employee to create fake companies, bill their own company for products or services that never existed, and pocket the dough.

Clayton "Craig" Hogeland tweeked that basic fraud story enough to deserve special mention.

He was convicted because he created three fake companies and stole about $400,000 from the trucking company where he worked. He was charged with a typical list of crimes (mail fraud, money laundering, income tax evasion.)

Yet he also received an "obstructing justice" charge because of his novel tactic for delaying his trial and his sentencing hearing.

Prosecuters were pissed off because Mr. Hogeland faked a "life-threatening medical condition."

Before he was sentenced, Mr. Hoagland went to a hospital due to very high potassium levels, and his illness delayed the date of his trial almost eight months.

Yet after he was finally placed in custody, his condition suspiciously improved.


His wife turned over four suspicious zip-lock bags she found among his things. When tested, they turned out to be potash, or potassium chloride.

Just the thing to raise your blood potassium levels and keep you from beginning to serve your time in prison.

In Mr. Hoagland’s case, he was sentenced to 16 years.

(By the way, although potassium chloride is primarily used to make fertilizer, it also has a another use related to criminal justice. In high enough doses, it’s part of a cocktail of chemicals used to stop the heart in an execution by lethal injection.)

Fraud, fake illness get Advantage employee 16 years, StarTribune South>>

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  1. Is Craig Hogeland still with Threeway Logistics? I think they love him over there.

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