Amazingly realistic fake birds

Amazingly realistic fake birds
Of course, you could find more realistic-looking 
fake birds, but these are made of paper.

When I was in grade school I designed and made a paper model of the USS Monitor, the Union Navy’s round-turreted iron-clad warship. There was something very satisfying about taking flat paper and twisting and gluing and painting it to create something that looked solid.

This guy must be much more satisfied.

Dutch artist Johan Scherft creates three-dimensional models of birds and other animals from thin paper templates that he hand-colors with watercolor and gouache paints and then assembles.

Amazingly realistic fake birds
Kingfisher 2 – he’s a hollow model 
made only from paper, paint and glue.

Here’s how he makes his papercraft Kingfisher:

Paper Kingfisher

You can download various templates and assemble your own paper creatures, here>>

I also love this creature hatching from an egg:

The hatching Deinonychus

Johan Scherft>>

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