Watch the Morettis play with sharp objects

Watch the Morettis play with sharp objects

The Morettis blurred the line between circus stunts and magic, so some of what they did was "tricked" and some was very real.

Magician Hans Moretti and his wife Helga performed magic where a bullet is caught in a bare hand, Helga is magically suspended in midair on trees made out of newspapers, and an escape is made out of a straightjacket hanging upside down from a burning rope.

Here are two of their signature illusions: blindfolded Hans shooting a crossbow through an apple on his wife’s head while she guides him with a little bell, and Hans risking impalement in his cardboard version of "The Sword Box" illusion where audience members stick in the blades.

The Crossbow Head Shot

Trust me on this one, get past the music and what seems to be a cheesy performance style and watch until the very end. I promise you’ll not be disappointed.

Hans Moretti Cardboard Box Illusion

Mr. Moretti was 84 when he passed away. He died on 3/13/13.

Hans Moretti, The Telegraph>>

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