Do you remember TV Magic cards?

Do you remember TV Magic cards?
"Most magic tricks are easy, 
once you know the secret."

Beginning in the 1970s, magician Marshall Brodien, who played Wizzo the Wizard on the Bozo the Clown TV shows, became widely known as a television pitchman for magic tricks.

These tricks were not new – his "TV Magic Cards" was a reboot of a trick that was invented in the early 1900s and then became known as a Svengali deck.

Mr. Brodien sold millions of them.

The deck is still a best-seller for both pitchmen and magic stores
because it’s relatively easy to do, but more importantly, it looks like

His most famous pitch – TV Magic Cards

Though it didn’t sell as well, his "Magic Box" was another trick based on old magical principle.

It seems to make things appear and disappear…

A story on Mr. Brodien from WGN-TV

A book on his life: The Magical Life of Marshall Brodien: Creator of TV Magic Cards and Wizzo the Wizard>>

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