A sleepytime tea company theft

 A sleepytime tea company theft
Sleepytime Tea creates a lullaby 
of tender flavors to soothe your senses.

Jeffrey Michael Wagner was a distribution manager for the Celestial Seasonings tea company in Boulder, Colorado. His job was to sign up new vendors and approve invoices.

Mr. Wagner was fired for "work performance issues."

Soon afterwards, the company discovered that he’d stolen some money from them by creating his own fake company and authorized payments to them.

He was arrested.

Authorities found that his actions did not easily allow him to deny a connection between himself and his crime:

  • The fake company’s name was called "JDW", which are his father’s initials.
  • The fake company’s address was his father’s home address.
  • The fake company listed Mr. Wagner’s personal cell phone as the fake company phone number.
  • The fake company’s bank routing number was the same bank routing number where Celestial Seasonings deposited his paychecks.

Mr. Wagner, who had been doing this for five years, had used his fake company to steal $1.8 million dollars.

He was charged with theft and forgery.

Boulder police: Ex-Celestial Seasonings manager embezzled $1.8M over 5 years, Boulder Daily Camera>>

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