Waitress tells crazy story about identity theft

Waitress tells crazy story about identity theft
Brianna Priddy tells her tale.

Brianna Priddy is a server in an Applebee’s restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado who’s got a great story to tell you.

The day before Valentine’s Day, her wallet was stolen, and she lost cash, credit cards and her driver’s license. Someone was now using her identity and writing bad checks.

As Ms. Priddy said, "It was a pain in the butt."

A few weeks later, she was waiting tables when a group of four sat down at a table in her section.

A girl ordered a margarita and handed Ms. Priddy a driver’s license as an ID.

It was Ms. Priddy’s ID.

She kept her cool and, as she said, "put on her server smile", handed her own license back, and then said she’d be back with the drink.

Instead, she called the cops.

The story gets even better.

Besides the felony identity theft and criminal impersonation charges, the woman also had narcotics on her because she was selling drugs.

And she has dark hair and doesn’t even look like Ms. Priddy, so her fake ID really wasn’t much of a match.

Finally, the criminal mastermind who was so unaware of her waitress that she gave her her own ID didn’t even need to give her a fake ID in order to drink.

She’s 26 years old.

I think it’s only fair that Brianna Priddy gets a free drink whenever she tells this story.

Lakewood restaurant customer arrested after trying to use waitress’s stolen ID, 9News>>

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