The jailhouse sins of Kelly Wasko

The jailhouse sins of Kelly Wasko
Remember, there is 
no honor among thieves

While Kelly Wasko was in jail, she made friends with her fellow inmates. Her cellmate for three months, Margarita Zaragoza, said she thought of her as a sister and a sweet person. She was going to help her bond out of jail by using her own car as collateral.

Except that when some inmates got out of jail, they discovered exactly why Ms. Wasko was in jail.

Ms. Wasko had faked having cancer and collected over $12,000 from family and friends online.

And most everything she had been saying in jail was a lie.

Fake cancer scam: inmates feel hurt and betrayed, Fox Phoenix>>

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One thought on “The jailhouse sins of Kelly Wasko

  1. this woman has always been a con artists look at her record in Colorado she duped my mother and I back in the 90’s she was in her 20’s complete dirtbag.. Lied about cancer and sais she shot her abusive husband to save her own bilked my mother out of thousands because she had a rare cancer which was BS they should throw away the Key this time concerning her . She contacted me via linked in 20 years after the fact what she did to me and myt family saying she was being evicted from her home living in her car MY REPLY WHATEVER that’s really sad sucks to be you I guess scammer.

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