The elevator murder experiment

The elevator murder experiment
How would you react if you saw someone 
being murdered in an elevator?

Murder in an elevator

What would I do?

The first thing I would do is react, then ask the director if that was what he wanted.

I think this video is another in a line of videos meant to look real so they will go viral in order to promote something, in this case a movie.

What do you think? Did they really set up a fake murder in an elevator and open the doors to anonymous people and film their reactions? Did they not worry about the potentially catastrophic consequences if someone decided to go medieval on the potential killer? (Like the guy wielding the fire extinguisher who might decide to bash in a skull.)

Or was everyone involved an actor working for a PR agency?

(And to those who enjoy meta land: The image above shows a still photo from a short fake film using "hidden" cameras to film a guy who pretends to film a fake murder to promote a real film.)

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