The dangerous doughnut con game

The dangerous doughnut con game
Guess what these two found in their doughnuts?

When Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman and Michael Condor bit into doughnuts they bought at Smith’s Food Store in Draper, Utah, they found pieces of sharp metal.

It was razor blades.

One of their co-workers also bit into a doughnut that contained a razor blade, but luckily didn’t swallow it.

The store immediately pulled those doughnuts off the shelf and called police.

However, when police interviewed the couple, something didn’t quite add up, and police figured out that the couple were the ones who had placed the razor blades in the doughnuts.

The couple had come up with what they thought would be a good scheme to get out of debt by pulling a con game and suing the store.

Unfortunately, they were somewhat unclear on the concept of how to pull off a scam without getting caught… or seriously injured.

Maybe they thought it would make their fake claim seem more realistic, because both of them had actually eaten small pieces of broken razor blades.

Hospital x-rays discovered fingernail- and thumbnail-sized pieces of metal inside their stomachs.

News reports didn’t say whether either of them was injured.

Both were arrested.

Couple put razor blades in doughnuts, police say, Deseret News>>

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