The bizarre duct tape kidnapping of Mr. Pettway

The bizarre duct tape kidnapping of Mr. Pettway
Duct tape is useful in so many ways.

Rahmell Pettway, age 36, was kidnapped from the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

He was found at 1:10 in the morning by a passerby. He’d been hog-tied with duct tape, lying between two parked cars. His mouth, his legs and his hands were all covered with duct tape. He looked beaten up, and he complained of pain in his ribs.

At first, he couldn’t remember exactly what had happened to him, but then he recalled that two guys in a light-blue minivan had grabbed him off the street, covered his eyes and brought him he didn’t know where.

For two weeks he was away from home…

However, observant officers noticed something odd. The duct tape wrapping him up was still attached to the roll.

Later, someone in law-enforcement commented on Mr. Pettway:

"He’s a total moron."

Mr. Pettway eventually confessed that he’d made up the story about being kidnapped because he’d been away from his home for two weeks, and he just needed a good excuse.

He was scared of facing his girlfriend.

Mr. Pettway, who has 14 previous arrests, was arrested for filing a false police report.

There have been no comments reported from his girlfriend.

Brooklyn man fakes his own kidnapping to explain two-week absence to girlfriend, New York Post>>

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