How not to return a computer printer

How not to return a computer printer
When attempting a scam, it’s always best 
if you draw less attention to yourself.

Jarad S. Carr tried to return a computer printer to a Walmart in the Village of Lake Hallie, Wisconsin, but he didn’t have a receipt.

He also didn’t have the printer tray.

Or the installer CD.

He also left a sheet of paper inside the printer with two $100 bills printed on it.

He continued to argue that he wanted a refund, and when the employees said no, he asked if maybe he could get half the price.

When store employees said they could not take back the printer, he kept insisting and refused to leave the store.

That’s when police were called.

Mr. Carr was arrested.

At the jail, they found he possessed three more fake $100 bills.

And he had outstanding warrants for felony armed robbery and burglary.

He was charged with attempted theft by fraud, forgery and resisting arrest.

However, he might have a possible defense for a portion of his crimes – he could claim that the counterfeit bills were not his because he had stolen the printer.

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