Gypsy shoplifters not helping to dispel stereotypes

Gypsy shoplifters not helping to dispel stereotypes
This team of four retail thieves stole millions.

They’ve described themselves as a "Gypsy family" from Poland, and it seems they were not in the U.S. to help dispel myths about Gypsies. Instead, they were perpetuating them.

In one year, the "family" (Adeliya Nassybullina, 30; Austra Bauzinskaite, 34; Lukasz Karasinski, 37; and Przemyslaw Skiba, 31) shoplifted items worth about $3 million.

They focused on high-priced hard drives from electronics stores in California, Colorado, Washington and Florida.

The two men would block employees from seeing the two women, and then the men would select an item from a shelf and pass it to the women, who hid the item in a purse or clothing. Then they all left the stores.

They were only in the store for about three minutes.

After they stole an item, they would mail it to Chicago and fence it for cash.

They told authorities they needed to pay off a $2 million debt.

When they were caught shoplifting in California, the "family" said they had flown into the area from Chicago for a court appearance, which was due to an earlier arrest for shoplifting.

– California police crack nationwide electronics shoplifting case, Daily News, Los Angeles>>
– KTLA News Report on YouTube>>

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