Yes, the Chinese are still buying!

Yes, the Chinese are still buying!
You can trust us, we’re on the news.

Television news stations covered the opening of a new apartment building in downtown Vancouver, Canada by interviewing Chris and Amanda Lee, two sisters from China. They said they were visiting Vancouver and that their parents were helping them buy a place together.

They said that "Chinese people like to buy at this time" due to the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Except the "sisters" were not really sisters at all. They actually worked for the company, MAC Marketing Solutions, that was promoting the apartment project.

It was a public relations scam, hoping to convince news-watchers that the Chinese were still investing in Vancouver real estate.

Cameron McNeill, the president of the PR firm, said:

"I apologise for that incident and pledge that nothing like this will happen again at MAC. Having had the opportunity to assess the situation, I have taken decisive actions. Although it will take time, we hope that we can earn back our good reputation and your trust. This situation has been difficult for everyone and as a company, we will learn from this, grow stronger and be better for it."

The scam was exposed by an anonymous blogger.

Bogus buyers exposed in scam to boost property market in Vancouver, South China Morning Post World>>

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