Woman deeply affects cancer patient’s family

Woman deeply affects cancer patient's family
Thomas Oliver Doty with 
his mother, Tiffany Doty

Thomas Doty was dying of osteosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

Family friend Johnathan Hillstrand, a celebrity fisherman featured on the TV show "Deadliest Catch", made a plea for donations for the family in July.

That’s when benefactor Jonnica Ellis, a friend of Mr. Hillstrand, sent the family a bouquet of yellow flowers and promised $250,000 to pay their medical bills.

The family was elated. Maybe there was hope for Thomas.

A few days later, Ms. Ellis said the money had been transferred, but would take a few days to clear.

But the bank intervened. They said the money would take a little longer to arrive, maybe seven to ten days.

And then there was another mixup, where an account number was wrong, and then an extra letter was accidently added to a name, and then the cancer treatment center was having problem accepting her donation.

Everything had to be perfect for such a large transaction.

It wasn’t perfect for Ms. Ellis and her relationship with Mr. Hillstrand, either. So far, they had only met online, and when she tried to meet him at an Alaskan airport, things went badly for her multiple times and she missed her flights and did not get to meet him in person.

She was assaulted in an attempted rape.

Another time, she had an asthma attack.

Then there was her sister Monica, who committed suicide by shooting herself in front of her family.

And the car accident.

And the accidental overdose.

In December, five months after the plea for donations, Thomas Oliver Doty died.

Ms. Ellis was never going to meet Mr. Hillstrand, and she was never going to send any money.

That’s because she is really Marci A. Rose, a 35-year-old woman with a history of theft and fraud.

She had been lying to everyone, and using other people’s online photos and multiple online accounts to keep her lies going.

But in this case, since she hadn’t asked anyone for money, it seems she had not broken any laws.

So as of February 2013, Ms. Rose had not been charged with any crimes.

Woman deeply affects cancer patient's family
Marci Rose was playing games.

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7 thoughts on “Woman deeply affects cancer patient’s family

  1. I am sure Marci is enjoying all the attention she is getting.. because it is the only way she gets any…. She is in desperate need of professional help before she does anything like this again…

  2. Someone with a similar problem to Marci Rose had a different outcome to her story: Elizabeth Victoria DeMaria>>

  3. Hopefully Marci Rose commits suicide from the guilt, but that is a tall order to fill for someone who has no shame.

  4. The problem with Ms. Rose is that despite the pain she’s caused others, she also deserves our compassion because she’s sick.

  5. I think to make a promise like that to a kid that was dieing of cancer was very selfish and inconsiderate on her part if she had no intentions on sending the money in the first place and if she was making up stories as to why she couldn’t meet this guy like she was telling him, I think she is more than sick because even to make up stories like that are beyond sick ..it’s like a mental psychotic issue if you ask me and to do that to a poor family that had been going through enough with there child dieing is horrible ..you have to put her in that families shoes. Would she be happy if that was her son and someone had done a prank to her like that? it’s not normal and there def. should be justice found for this family for the cruel and nasty things she did.

  6. I think you’ve hit upon the problem with Ms. Rose when you ask if she’d "be happy if that was her son and someone had done a prank to her like that?" Of course she wouldn’t like it if someone did that to her. But not only did she NOT put herself in the family’s shoes, but she may NOT BE ABLE to put herself in the family’s shoes. It’s her lack of understanding and respecting other people’s feelings that is the problem.

  7. I agree with Bob. I do believe she also has a behavioral health problem This girl was overweight growing up and was picked on(bullied) in school. She lost her mother(death), father and support system at home. Very low self esteem girl. Unfortunately people did suffer an emotional loss but people can’t say she killed the boy. Yes she needs inpatient behavioral health care.

    I know health care is expensive but did the family look into children’s miracle network, Ronald Mcdonald house etc…I would ask the hospital that was doing the treatment if they refused to treat him. I don’t think any care is refused if it is a life or death treatment need. That would fall under the medical care act and granted insurance only pays so much but you can pay them $5.00 a day once you get the bill. Something is wrong with this whole story. I wouldn’t wait for anyone financially if it was my child. I would lose everything and worry about the bills later. My condolences to the family and may god lead Marcy in the direction of seeking behavioral health therapy and maybe her friends or past friends educate themselves on BH issues and help lead her to get help. Like a alcoholic-you don’t understand you have a problem until you hit rock bottom. Lets hope there is still time to help this girl.

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